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About us

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An IT services company established with only one mindset - Innovation Parallels Vision. We continue to work hard to provide best-in-class services in affordable cost. We believe in quality in terms of services and long term relationship in terms of collaboration with our clients.

Alvin Toffler said "You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction." We follow the same path and say innovation parallels vision.

When we serve our clients, we and our team has biggest responsibility of giving them best long term solution developed in an innovative manner. When we fulfill these we earn client’s trust and long term partnership.

Our leadership at InfoTrics assures that we translate vision into reality and at the same time we always try to raise our team’s aspirations for what they can become by sparking their ideas. .


Transformation of ideas in to reality and become a partner of choice for those who use information technology to thrive in their business by helping them in the most innovative and reliable manner.

Build an organization where people are in focus and there inspiring ideas are valued. Client needs are met but in a smarter way which yields fruits of utmost client satisfaction. Mission of innovation when parallels Vision sets an example of sustainable and valued organization.


As Henry Ford once said “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Our Vision is to move ahead and become the most trustworthy partner in information technology solutions for people around and with us with a visionary innovation.

To be an excellent ‘IT services’ provider, offering inventive solutions and services to our customers and create greater values.

Excellence at its best

Talented Professionals

Talented Professionals

We are a rapidly evolving force of talented professionals always searching ways to innovate and exceed the expectations of every client.
Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Every solution coupled with innovative mindset goes on to yield best results and complete satisfaction for the clients.
Quality Services

Quality Services

We strive hard to deliver quality product and for this our QA team makes sure that we go one step further to guarantee a high level of performance.


InfoTrics offers clients a wide range of IT, Business, Consulting, Quality Assurance and Application Services.

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InfoTrics will be launching innovative products for two important sectors in the coming year.



Our Product/Application Wheel

Check out our product/application wheel - An innovative approach for development.
  • Product EngineRequirements

    We at Infotrics believe that a quality product or application is always driven by requirements which must be grouped based on the priority.
  • Product MainPlanning and Design

    We use a set of primitive components for designing which includes framing, implementing, modelling and organizing. It goes hand in hand with requirements as to evaluate suitability of proposed product/application.
  • Product SupportQuality Development

    InfoTrics uses well-structured processes and methodologies for implementation which best suits the software application or product.